That’s what awaits you in the new year

Goodbye, 2017! New year, new trends – especially in email marketing. What should email marketers be preparing for? What new emailing strategies are awaiting us this year and which aspects should be deepened and optimized? In this article, we present the main email marketing trends for 2018. And there is already one thing we can guarantee: it promises to be an interesting year!

How to prepare

This year again, exciting developments are waiting for you. Stay informed and optimize your email marketing constantly to be able to stand out from the competition.

1. Optimize your customizations

A good way to optimize your emailing campaigns is to send a personal recommendation based on the customer’s interests or their buying behavior. This gives the customer the feeling that he is not only part of a list of anonymous recipients. In addition, by 2018, it will be time to optimize your automated emails. Take advantage of the latest marketing automation features to set up a regular, personalized and automatic contact with your customers.

Choose different templates for different audiences. Remember that a young woman looking for the latest trends in makeup may be seduced by a different design than a retired man looking for a good book.

By dynamically tweaking the content to fit your audience, you can link the customer to your brand much more effectively. Personalized communication, blog articles, tips and tricks and a customizable design will make your emails really effective.

2. Artificial intelligence: a new reality

Some terms you should add to your vocabulary in 2018 include artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics.

The switch to artificial intelligence will intensify in 2018. The ultimate goal is to be able to use data more quickly and efficiently to make emails even more personal. For example, the data collected helps to predict some of the client’s interests and use them for future emails.

There are more and more start-ups focusing on AI in emails. The goal is to find a solution to extend and develop email marketing without losing the personal touch.

3. More spaces, less text

While not directly a new trend, mobile optimization remains an important topic. The number of users who access their mobile email will continue to grow in 2018. Therefore, it is important that you adapt your campaigns, especially the design of your emails.

Check your email templates again. Are they displayed optimally on mobile devices? Is your newsletter easy to read? Are the buttons big enough?

The Customer Testing helps you visualize the display of your newsletters in major email clients and on different devices. This way you can easily determine what to optimize.

Newsletter2Go allows you to simply view a preview in just one click.

4. Creativity first and foremost

2018 will be the year of videos, GIFs, hover buttons, image carousels, and interactivity. These elements increase the reading time and give a real personality to your brand.

Basically, it is always advisable to optimize an email with images or other visual elements. However, care must be taken not to overload the email. Too many GIFS or videos extend the loading time which can have a disruptive and negative effect on the click and open rate.

5. Stand out!

To convince with your e-mails, you must absolutely stand out from the competition. Your recipients are already receiving a lot of emails, you can not just send them the same mass emails as your competitors:

  • How can emails be personalized?
  • How can contacts be segmented into specific groups?
  • What are the characteristics of the receivers? What are their interests?
  • What information does the reader need?
  • In what form should the content be communicated?

Before sending the email, you should also check if the content is really relevant or if the text can be shortened. In general, the more compact the email is, the better.