Which country offers companies the ideal conditions to continue their development and to start their digital transformation? This is the question that Euler Hermes, a credit insurance company, is trying to answer with its digital agility index (DAI).

This index between 0 and 100 reflects a country’s ability to help businesses thrive in the digitalization context. For that, it takes into account five dimensions: the regulation and the business environment, the educational system and the devices of research, the connectivity, the logistic infrastructures and the size of the market.

Amercia First

Not surprisingly, the United States trustees the first place in the ranking. Driven by the large size of its market, the country also has a strong educational and research system as well as a favorable business environment.

CountryRegulationKnowledgeConnectivityInfrastructureSizeEDI 2018EDI 2018 ranking
Hong Kong94,476,483,793,41,669,99
South Korea95,3075,88978,48,969,510

Behind the American giant, Western Europe is doing well with 16 countries ranked in the top 30. Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom are even in the top five. ” The surprise comes from Germany, which ranks second with a score of 75.3 Even if the results of digitalization are less visible in Germany and the Netherlands than in the United States, these two countries have fundamentals robust infrastructures, connectivity and knowledge development “ , explains Georges Dib, economist at Euler Hermes.