Dubai wants to connect license plates to the Internet of Things. The technique will be tested in the emirate from May.

Dubai wants to test smart license plates from May. Instead of the previous metal signs “digital screens” are to be attached to cars that are to contain GPS technology and are also networked with the IoT platform Tag2Connect the Department of Transportation of the Emirate. So should be understandable at any time, where the car is located. In the event of an accident, the license plate should automatically alert police and emergency services and also sound an alarm if the car is stolen.

smart plates

The constantly networked cars should be able to provide the traffic authority with a real-time picture of the streets of Dubai and communicate with each other. The system will also help investigate the behavior of road users, says Sultan Al Marzouqi, head of Dubai’s transportation authority, according to Gulf News . The pilot will start in early May and is expected to end this year. Then it should be clear what problems with the system in the desert climate could have and what it costs.

The smart license plate is linked to a database account of the car owner. Thus, fees or penalties could be deducted automatically. Also, with the help of Tag2Connect, for which blockchain technology is used, the development of a vehicle from production to scrapping should be comprehensible. A potential buyer of a used car could then know if a car already had an accident or which repairs were needed.

These projects are not the first to turn Dubai into a “smart city”. There are police robots drive patrol , also tests the police Hoverbikes , air taxi should relieve the traffic and transport autonomous minibus persons. The vehicles presented at the World Government Summit in February will be tested on public roads later this year.