In early January, Dropbox announced preparing for its IPO. The company valued more than 10 billion dollars has also remained very mysterious about this announcement. On the other hand, the company had no trouble announcing its partnership with Google!

Users of the storage service will be able to open and modify Google Docs, Sheets and Slides files directly in the interface. A news that should delight more than one, because of a user of Dropbox on two works under G Suite.

The Vice President of Engineering at Dropbox wrote, “We want our users to be able to work easily on the devices of their choice with the tools they like … […] this partnership with Google is one more way to create a unified house for the content and the conversations that surround it. We are excited to be working with Google […] to centralize the information that teams rely on every day. ”

In addition to files and documents, Dropbox expects more integrations with Gmail or Hangouts Chat by mid-2018. For Gmail, Dropbox users will have the ability to generate file links directly in Google Mail. For Hangouts Chat, users will be able to search, share, and preview Dropbox files in Hangouts.