Almost since there are the Windows Apps in the Microsoft Store, there is also a way to download them as * .appx or now * .appxbundle. All you needed was a small tool to catch the link. As a result we were able to watch apps and test the new features without being in Preview Preview or Fast Ring.

Now Adguard has made it possible for us to download and install Windows 10 apps without the Microsoft Store Apps. All you need is the link to the app from the Microsoft Store website. You then enter it in the new page of Adguard and ca

If the links are displayed, you will need the * .AppxBundle and the * .EAppxBundle file. The former allows the installation. The second is then the update. A prerequisite is, of course, the activation of the developer mode. Who thinks now to come so fast to paid apps, Both packages downloaded, the AppxBundle started by double-clicking and it was then automatically updated via the EAppxBundle. The Store App will also show that you can start the app. So it is installed normally.n choose between Fast, Slow, RP and Retail.

How long the service remains is questionable. But since the Redmonder also deals with the updates so openly, nothing should change here. Whether the developers there are “leaps and bounds”, I can not judge. This will only be interesting to test MS apps from the release ring. Since these come more with new features.
If you want to try it out by clicking here [3.Update 21.07.]

New features for downloading the apps

[Update July 22] The link works again and Adguard has now added more options to select the apps. In addition to the complete link (Url) Adguard has now added the ProductID. This is the number and letter combination from the link after the “/” and before the “?” Example: 9wzdncrdfx92. Also possible is the package name, for example, from the folder WindowsApps. As well as the category ID.