If you can not physically go there, it will now be possible to visit the Disneyland parks located in the United States through Google Street View. What to offer a beautiful virtual walk in the world of Mickey …


Everything is on Google Street View. The address of a restaurant or improbable scenes. And now, it will add Disneyland. Google has added 11 mostly US parks to its visitable sites in Street View mode . You can visit virtually Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Pandora the world of Avatar or Hollywood Studios. Some images seem to date from 2016, but the majority were made in 2017.

Visit the most famous attractions

This may allow the regulars to discover areas that were not yet made the last time they went to Disneyland, like the recent Guardians of the Galaxy. On the other hand, no trace of that on Star Wars whose opening is scheduled for 2019.

For the moment, no surprise seems to have been detected yet on the different cards. Nobody in the nude or doing something really weird, but no doubt that people will find there find pearls that will make the buzz. We want to keep hope, after all it is Google Street View. If you can hunt Pokémon or geolocate a dealer , anything is possible!

Only Disneyland US Parks

Google Street View This offer is only available to US parks at present and yet not even all. For the rest of the world, it will take its trouble. But, as far as Disneyland Paris is concerned, the service is already available in part since 2010. Of course, the dimensions are not really the same, but it’s already an interesting overview for some parts of the park, some hotels and the Disney Town.

Clearly, overall, the service can be useful for planning a trip, especially for large families. This allows nothing to be left to chance. However, the child who is in us regrets one thing. That logic was not pushed to the end by offering to discover the attractions of the interior. No doubt he had to keep some of the magic of Disney.