The bad buzz #DeleteFacebook still does some damage. After the founder of Whatsapp said it was time to remove Facebook, two Twitter users challenged Elon Musk to remove Facebook pages from SpaceX and Tesla. And he did it.


The bad buzz effect of the hashtag #DeleteFacebook that follows the scandal of Cambridge Analytica has not stopped spreading. After the founder of Whatsapp, it is now Elon Musk’s turn to join. And the least we can say is that the famous billionaire prefers acts to beautiful words. Interested by a user on his personal Twitter account, Elon Musk was challenged to remove the Facebook pages of his two largest companies, SpaceX and Tesla.

It all started when Musk reacted to the tweet of Biran Acton, founder of Whatsapp, who recalled ”  it was time  ” to remove Facebook.

Tweet after which a person challenges him to delete the Facebook page of SpaceX: ”  Removes SpaceX’s Facebook page if you are a man “. Musk makes it clear that he accepts the challenge by saying, ”  I did not realize we had one. I will do it  »

A reporter from The Wire Report goes on and asks him to do the same with Tesla’s Facebook page. With humor, Musk answers: ”  Absolutely. It’s pretty nil anyway  ”

And as if that was not enough, Musk also decided to delete his personal Facebook account, again at the request of a Twitter user

Since, when trying to access SpaceX and Tesla Facebook pages, the message ”  Sorry, this content is not available  ” is displayed. Note that each page had approximately 2.5 million likes, lost forever. Or not, since the Facebook rules offer fourteen days to come back to this kind of decision.

Nevertheless, the man said he does not intend to make the same fate to the Instagram accounts of his companies – which account for more than 7 million cumulative subscribers – despite the fact that Instagram is owned by Facebook.