or a year, I’m interested in cryptocurrency and I discovered a whole universe, especially on the side of traders, with their fads, their memes and their vocabulary.

Beyond a practice, it is a real culture that is being created and this vocabulary is only the tip of this iceberg. These words to know are largely from the world of trading (which I did not know before last year), but other terms are born spontaneously from the world of cryptocurrency.

So I suggest you go through all this, and give you some balls to better understand those people who hold or who make the TA for a day to get a Lambo. 🙂


This is probably the best-known term. This is the word HOLD in English and in this context means to keep its cryptocurrency and not resell it. When the market is agitated, there are those who hold and those who sell, either because they know what they are doing or because they are weak hands (see below). As I said, the “pro” of the cryptocurrency write this word HODL, because in December 2013, on a forum dedicated to Bitcoin, one of the members posted a message whose title was “I AM HODLING” with a fault so, and this became a meme that became popular. Some even went so far as to turn the word HODL into an acronym meaning “Hold On for Dear Life”.


FOMO means “Fear of missing out”. Basically, it’s when everyone races on a cryptocurrency and people are afraid to miss a bargain. They buy it at any price and the value can go up to very high prices before breaking their mouths and begin a period of correction (A fall in price to return to a reasonable level).


FUD is a term known outside the cryptocurrency sphere. It means “Fear, uncertainty, and doubt” and that is to sow fear and doubt in people’s minds by spreading rumors or suspicious but scary ads to encourage people to sell their values and thus lower the price. of a cryptocurrency.


The moon. Basically, it is to indicate that a cryptocurrency takes off in terms of price and will go up very high (To the moon !!!). It’s more a cry of hope that a truth.


Pump means “pump” and that’s when the price soars, accompanied by a high volume. This is often due to a runaway of people for value or market manipulation by one or more whales (Whales)


Same as Pump, but down. People panic and resell, causing a collapse in price. It can also be caused by whales and when it’s preceded by a pump, it’s called Pump & Dump.

Pump & Dump

A Pump & Dump (or P & D for intimates) is a manipulation of the market. Basically, people organized as a group or a whale have fun hoarding slowly but surely a large amount of a specific corner and when they feel they have enough, massively sell themselves this value or sway positive rumors, causing an artificial rise in the price of money (Pump). The small fish (fish) think then sniff the good deal and also start to buy this corner. The whale or the group then resells all its stock at the highest price to all the gogos and when all is over, there are more buyers (or very few) and the price collapses (Dump).



A whale is a big player (with a big capital) which allows him to cause serious upward or downward movement on the market.


These are the little fishes. Ordinary people who have small amounts in cryptocurrency.


ATH for All Time High simply indicates that Cryptocurrency has reached the highest price in its history.


Buy The Fuckin ‘Dip. This is when people sell everything in bulk at very low prices and it’s time for others to buy these “leftovers” at unbeatable prices.



Do Your Own Research. That’s important. It’s about telling someone not to rely on other people’s analysis and to do their own research, be it FA or TA. In short, do not be sheep and use your brain not to be plucked.


Fundamental Analysis. Basically it consists of analyzing the possibilities of a cryptocurrency by observing the latest news about it, the names of the people behind, the technical project as such.


Technical analysis. It’s the analysis of the graphics that you see everywhere. Basically it is to identify past patterns to anticipate future movements.


For Market Capitalization. Basically, the price of money multiplied by the circulating supply. This gives the overall value of this currency.

Lowcap / midcap / highcap

Allows you to define corners based on their MCAP. For example, Bitcoin and Ethereum are corners that have a high volume and a high price and can therefore be defined as highcap.


This is what we call the government currencies .. Euros, Dollars and company. So when you see someone say that he will return to FIAT, that does not mean he will change car, but he goes out of his cryptomonnaies values to return in euros, before re-enter later.


These are online platforms where traders can buy and sell their coins. Among the best known are Poloniex and Bittrex.


These are the corner sellers … bitcoin most often, but some also sell altcoins. I realized a whole file on it that you can consult here.


In life, there are 2 types of corners. Bitcoin is the mother cryptocurrency on which all other cryptocurrencies are indexed. And the others are the altcoins.


It’s an expression that means you’ve lost a big packet of sorrel on a trade or on a specific corner. It is taken from the English word “wrecked” which means “annihilated”. All is said. 🙂


A bag is a bag. This corresponds to your portfolio.


This means someone who keeps his “bag” for a particular cryptocurrency for a long time. Basically, when the price of your favorite corner drops and you miss the window of fire to sell it, it often happens that it is too late. So rather than reselling your value for misery, you become Bagholder hoping that one day it will come back.


A class is “bullish” when it goes up. Bull (Bull) is the one who plans to take advantage of this increase.


A class is “bearish” when it goes down. The Bear is the one who plans to take advantage of this decline.


This is when someone takes a public position for a cryptocurrency hoping to awaken the interest of others for it and thus raise its value. Not to be confused with some passionate about blockchain projects that are made of love for a techno or another.


Long & Short

A trade called “Long” begins with a purchase in the hope of reselling then more expensive its value. It’s classic.
A trade called “Short” begins with a sale (even before the purchase), with the hope of buying a stock of value at a lower price and thus making a profit.

Margin trading

This is when you are trading with securities borrowed from others on the exchanges. Basically, you borrow Bitcoins from others, you trade with them, and you make them with interest and the rest of the margin is for you.

Limit Order

It is a sell or buy order that is automatically set up when the price reaches the level of your choice (up or down).


This is when the value of a crypto rises well then down a little to stagnate for a period of time more or less long. This is called consolidation.


It was when, after a sudden big price spree caused by the FOMO, it tumbled violently to a more reasonable level, before slowly resuming its upward trend.

Buy or Sell Wall

If you look at the order book on your favorite Exchange, you may see these walls which are nothing more than a build-up of Limit Order at the same price.


Initial Coin Offering. This is the equivalent of an IPO for a cryptocurrency. A public fundraiser that consists of taking traditional currency or Bitcoin in exchange for a certain amount of cryptocurrency. This helps finance the project and investors can find out if the value of the corner increases in the near future.


It is the mining of cryptocurrency. This means using machine power to mathematically validate transactions, which has the effect of increasing the size of the blockchain. And of course, the miners are remunerated for that thanks to the transaction fees.


It’s a kind of meme that comes back again and again. Lambo is Lamborghini, the luxury car that every crypto fancier dreams of paying for itself one day.


These are sites that offer Internet users (often through a game ), free satoshis.

Sats / Satoshi

And a satoshi is 0.00000001 BTC, so to speak a dust. And you really have to spend your life on the Faucets to hope to win something meaningful.


But Satoshi Nakamoto is also the “name” of the father of Bitcoin. We do not know his true identity, but rumors say that the NSA, she knows 🙂


Vitalik Buterin was born in 1994 and is the creator of Ethereum, the most powerful cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.


This is when you play with the differences in the price of buying and selling your cryptocurrency between different Exchanges, to achieve an added value.

Panic Sell

This is when people panic and resell without thinking when the price starts to fall, which usually worsens the panic and so on.

Weak Hands

These are the weak. Those who buy something and resell it very quickly to the first FUD panicking totally.


A fork (in a cryptocurrency context) is when the blockchain used undergoes an evolution, which causes a divergence. For example, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a fork of Bitcoin (BTC). What is interesting with the forks is that if you had for example 3 BTC, and well after the fork, you would have 3 BTC + 3 BCH. So if the fork takes, you will potentially be a little richer without doing anything.


A shitcoin is a corner of shit. For me it’s when the project behind is non-existent or really foolish. But I also noticed that for some coinxtremists, when you come out of the Top 10 of CoinMarketCap, everything is shitcoin in their eyes. The question of perspective.


A whitepaper is the technical doc of a cryptocurrency. This describes the project and if you do fundamental analysis, it’s a must-read.

That’s it, it’s over. I hope that will have enlightened you. If you think I have forgotten some terms, feel free to share yours and their definition comments.

And of course, as always when it comes to money, be careful.