Cyber attackers in 2019: Trend Micro shared the 2019 Security Estimates Report, which was prepared by analyzing current and emerging technologies, user behavior and market trends.

Around 4 billion internet users in the world share their information on the internet almost every day. Although this information appears to be secure with user-defined passwords, no information is actually safe for ever.

Cybersecurity Ventures’ research shows that cyber security crimes are only $ 3 trillion in the world economy in 2015. In 2021, the total cost of cyber security crimes to the world economy is expected to reach 6 trillion dollars.

In 2019, the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with the processing and analysis of the ever-increasing data, technology and security there will be developments that will leave the most impact on. By the end of 2019, 5G will become widespread all over the world, and new activities will be created for cyber attackers with the highest level of internet activities. On the other hand, social media celebrities will be the target of cyber attackers next year. However, the possible scenarios that will occur in the elections in many countries around the world are among the developments that will guide 2019. Therefore, the technological and socio-political changes in 2019 will have a direct impact on the security issue. Trend Micro researchers reviewed the cyber threats of 2019 with consumers, companies, states, cyber security, EKS, cloud systems and smart home titles. Here are the cyber threats pending end users in 2019:

Internet celebrities will be tried to capture accounts 

The seizure of social media accounts of YouTube celebrities or other online celebrities, one of cybercriminals’ favorite attacks, will continue to be popular this year. Millions of fans will be affected until the security of these accounts is restored to the desired level. Followers’ computers can be captured by information thieves, computers can be used for crypto money mining and even accounts can be used as trol account. 

Explosion attacks will increase with 2019

Since the new technology makes certain attack methods more difficult, criminals will continue to rely on the methods they tried in 2019, and they get the results. The offense has long been on the agenda with the attacker’s attempt to obtain the victim’s personal information by portraying him as a legally reliable person or institution. But over time, attackers have developed a variety of ways to get their business done without involving users in cybercrime. For example exploit kits became popular. Because, depending on the victim’s software version, it could automatically detect the appropriate abuse to be used on the target. However, the decrease in the prevalence of Windows and no operating system to address more than 50 percent of the market made it difficult for cyber attackers. 

Not only by e-mail, SMS and messaging accounts will be witnessed in the execution of the attack. Cyber ​​criminals will not only seek to access banking information, but also access information for cloud storage and other cloud services. We will also see new forms of attack based mainly on social engineering, such as SIM-jacking. In SIM-jacking, criminals pretend to be victims and get all information about the SIM card, which the operator has fooled by his technical support team, but lost. Thus, the victim can access all of the information associated with the mobile phone. 

Cybercriminals will also benefit from the 2019 World Rugby Championships in Japan, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and elections in various countries. They will use fake sites to be created in relation to sporting organizations or elections sites with malicious links .

ChatBots will be used for malicious purposes

Online communication has now gone beyond email messaging. Technology-loving and always online young people use the messaging applications on the Internet, so that they not only communicate with people but also communicate with companies’ online customer service or technical services. This, combined with social engineering, offers new opportunities for cybercriminals. In 2019, we foresee that malicious use of chatbots will increase. Attackers can obtain personal information by sending a link to them at the end of their communication with the victims through chatbots. Attackers will discover a wide variety of ways to manipulate orders, such as loading a remote access trojan (RAT) on the target computer. 

Sexual bullying will rise

We anticipate that cyber bullying, which makes financial demands for adolescents and young adults, will increase their threats to sexual abuse in the coming period. It will be heard more and more that young people and adults are forced out of money like sexual coercion. The personal nature of such attacks will cause the victim to seriously consider fulfilling his demands. These attacks can be not only money-oriented but also sexually oriented. It is predicted that such attacks will increase in 2019.

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