Remember this scene in the first Jurassic Park, where raptors learn to open the doors of the kitchen? Flippant is not it?

Well, you’ll have the same feeling by watching this video of these new Spotmini able to open a door and help each other.

The latest robots from Boston Dynamics, a US-Japanese firm, demonstrate an amazing ability to move in our environment.

He knows how to open a door and keep it open while another passes! He is the latest robot of Boston Dynamics (formerly Google, now owned by the Japanese Soft Bank). This “dog-robot” with an articulated arm instead of the head is able to grab a doorknob, turn it to open it, pull the door and even hold the door open with one of these paws to pass, in a very gallant way, a congener to him who has no articulated arm.


The scene is both fascinating and frightening. It recalls an episode of the new season of the Black Mirror series where you can see quadruped robots hunt humans to eliminate them. Moreover, these robots were inspired by those of Boston Dynamics.

What’s the point?

This quadruped robot, named Spot Mini, was born in 2016. At the beginning, all the machinery was visible but it is today covered with a yellow hull which makes it a little more sympathetic? He is one of those robots inspired by the animal world. He can climb stairs, squat down under a piece of furniture, get up when he falls. Its articulated arm, able today to operate objects of our environment, like a handful of door, opens promising outlets in the fields of the military, the security, the first aid or the industrial works.


In China too

SpotMini is not alone in the world. The Chinese University of Zhejiang has also just presented a “robot-dog”, a little in the same kind called Jueying . It is impressive to see how effective these devices have been. They are also very compact (just seven pounds for one meter long and 60 cm high for Jueying). These robots are no longer technological curiosities but fully equipped equipment ready to take their place in our daily lives.


Hope this technology is used to save lives rather than run after retirees in protests ;-).