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Illegal crypto-mining – a new trend

30-08-2018: In total, the analysts of the IT security company G DATA identified around 2.4 million new malware types in the first six months of 2018. Currently, the threat situation is changing rapidly – nine of the ten most-known pests of the past year were no longer in the top 10 in the first half of 2018. A trend of the villains 2018: the secret and illegal mining of cryptocurrencies – so-called crypto-mining. Pests for the Windows PC that mine cryptocurrencies often hide on Web pages. In the process, the computers of those who have accessed these sites are misused to generate a financial profit for the criminals.

In their analysis of the first half of 2018, the G-DATA security experts discovered that, more and more often, web assembly, a new web standard, is being exploited by criminals. This standard is intended as a supplement to Javascript for faster code execution. Exactly this procedure is ideal for Crypto-Miner.

However, not all Crypto-Miner are classified by G DATA as a malicious program, because it is not always clear whether users have approved the prospecting. Therefore, these are categorized partly as pests, partly as “Potentially Unwanted Programs” (PUPs). Among the top 10 malware threats, there are three crypto miners, and four of the top 10 defended PUP detections.

First reality show for crypto enthusiasts is launched

29-08-2018: Cryptocurrency wants to bring TrakInvest, a virtual social trading platform, to a wider audience with a digital game show for crypto enthusiasts (and those who want to be). The new TrakCrypto Show officially launches on September 12, 2018. Attendees have the chance to win a job and the equivalent of $ 100,000 in sponsored crypto currency prizes

However, the challenge begins on September 9, when more than 1,000 participants each receive $ 100,000 of “simulated” money to trade and compete on the TrakInvest platform in a risk-free environment. The goal is to build profitable crypto portfolios. The AI-based platform provides players with the simulated environment for accessing real-time market price data, news and educational content. Being able to try out strategies in a risk-free environment, coupled with interviews with Blockchain experts, is intended to make the new Youtube “reality show” the ideal place for beginners and advanced crypto traders to learn how to succeed in the crypto finance business becomes.

The TrakInvest platform also has a “social” element that allows attendees to invite friends, track the activities of top traders and copy their success strategies. With an estimated 50 million crypto dealers worldwide, Bobby Bhatia, founder and CEO of TrakInvest, sees his platform as the ideal place to expand the community.

Every week, five top performers are selected and interviewed on the basis of the best portfolio returns as part of the TrakCrypto Show. In addition, a total of 125 weekly winners will have the chance to earn over $ 10,000 worth of crypto currency a week, increasing it incrementally by $ 10,000 a week and adding a “crypto currency pot” worth $ 4,000 by the fourth week $ 40,000 to accumulate. In each episode, discussions with attendees on their crypto-investment strategies analyze what worked and what challenges they faced in trading. All participants in the show will also receive exclusive access to the TrakInvest AI beta tool, which provides AI-based analysis and price estimates on the top 10 crypto currencies.

The show is curated, moderated and produced by TrakInvest and Blockchain Founders Fund Ventures and accompanied weekly by blockchain and crypto experts attending the show. The program airs on YouTube via the TrakInvest show channel to reach all crypto investors worldwide.

“Based on the phenomenal success of the TrakInvest show, we are now launching a similar platform for crypto-currency trading to make the subject of crypto-currency popular and give global crypto-dealers a chance to compete for $ 100,000,” said TrakInvest -CEO Bhatia.

Aly Madhavji, founder, Blockchain Founders Fund, commented, “The TrakCrypto Show is the first of its kind to educate a broad public on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in a low-risk, high-reward environment.”