Intel and AMD have reached a new milestone in their endless PC processor market, especially since the arrival of Ryzen CPUs. The latest generations of their chips have made a real leap forward. On the side of Intel, we can go back one or two generations back with the assurance of enjoying a CPU with satisfactory performance. Here is our comparison of the best processors for PC in 2018, especially for gamers.

The CPU market followed an almost unipolar trend before the announcement of the new Ryzen processors on AMD’s side. The competition is fiercer thanks to the price / performance ratio of the CPUs of the founder of Santa Clara. Intel responded a few weeks later with its new Skylake-X chips from Core i5 to Core i9, followed by those from the Coffee Lake generation, all promising power and efficiency never before achieved.

It is very easy to get lost in the multiplicity of models available on the side of the two founders. Kaby Lake / X, Skylake-X, Coffee Lake, Ryzen or Threadripper. Offers have filtered to select the best CPUs currently available for gaming or other uses.

Intel Core i7-8700K


For gamers, there is no better than Intel Core i7-8700K processor that marks a big difference from its predecessor Kaby Lake, the Core i7-7700K which, remember, brought video decoding 4K with DRM a few more frequency points than its predecessor the 6700K of 2015.

The new Core i7 8700K Coffe Lake increases to 6 cores, two more than its predecessors, but also 12 threads. It is capable of reaching 4.7GHz in Turbo mode, the fastest clock speed ever offered by Intel. The 8700K handles content creation beautifully, with its high clocking frequency partially offsetting the two additional AMD Ryzen 7 cores.

  • Number of hearts  :  6
  • Number of threads:  12
  • Basic frequency:  3.7GHz
  • Turbo frequency:  4.7GHz
  • L3 cache:   12MB
  •  TDP:  95W
  • Price : 316 euros

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X


While waiting for the start of the second generation Ryzen market, the Ryzen 7 1800X is, apart from the high-end Threadripper for the professional market, the main competitor of the Core i7-8700K. Although it offers a lower turbo clock rate, it has 8 physical cores and 16 logical cores. The AMD Ryzen 7 1800X processor is also optimized for VR.

Although it is slightly less powerful than the eighth-generation Core i7, it remains a good alternative not only for its performance, but also its value for money.

  • Number of hearts  :  8
  • Number of threads:  16
  • Basic frequency:  3.6 GHz
  • Turbo frequency:  4 GHz
  • L3 cache:   16 MB
  •  TDP:  95W
  • Price : 309 euros

Intel Core i5-8400K


Core i5 models have long been the favorite of players for the simple reason that they offer a good compromise between performance and price. The most powerful i5 processor of the 8th generation, the i5-8600K, offers performance not too far from the i7-8700K for a slightly lower price. But the i5-8400K variant is much cheaper for more modest features. It also benefits from 6 physical cores and the same number of threads. Its base frequency is 2.8 GHz and can go up to 4 GHz in turbo. Its price is 170 euros.

  • Number of hearts  :  6
  • Number of threads:  6
  • Basic frequency:  2.8 GHz
  • Turbo frequency:  4 GHz
  • L3 cache:   9 MB
  •  TDP: 65 W
  • Price : 169 euros

AMD Ryzen 5 1600X


The AMD Ryzen 5 1600X mid-range chip does not have to blush at its 8th generation counterparts at Intel. It ships with six physical cores and 12 cores, delivers a base frequency of 3.6 GHz up to 4.0 GHz in boot, and is overclockable.

  • Number of hearts  :  6
  • Number of threads: 12
  • Base frequency:  3.6 GHz
  • Turbo frequency:  4 GHz
  • L3 cache:   16 MB
  •  TDP: 95 W
  • Price : 180 euros