Last year, at the Motor Show in Geneva, Airbus and Italdesign presented PopUp, a flying car concept. This year, Audi partners with the duo to collaborate on a new version of this concept, called Pop.Up Next.

The concept is that the craft does not fly with a wing or rotor system, as is often the case with other car or flying helicopter concepts. Here, we speak rather of a cabin and 4 wheels: until then, the concept remains close to the traditional car. To fly, this entity is raised by a drone that is installed on the roof of the car. Once in the air, the people in this car control the flight with a dashboard. A facial recognition and eye movement system were also developed and presented by Italdesign at the Geneva Motor Show this year.

Audi brings expertise in electric and autonomous cars. The cabin in which the passengers are installed has an integrated battery, which works with a larger battery related to the wheels and the drone system. The partnership with the German manufacturer has helped rethink the design of the car, and reduce its weight. As for Airbus, it works on the drone system that allows the craft to fly and on the aerodynamics of the passenger cabin. Italdesign is working with Airbus on locking and unlocking the passenger compartment to increase passenger safety.

In the video above, the three partners present an impressive new use of the flying vehicle. In fact, the passenger of an airplane has the possibility of ordering a Pop.Up Next from his seat, before the Airbus vehicle and his collaborators can pick it up at the airport terminal.

Will we skip the traffic jams of the city soon?