I’ve been using Apple’s new air pods for a few days now and I have to say I’m not that impressed with them. These are Bluetooth headphones just like any other normal Bluetooth wireless headsets but what’s special about them is Apple as a new chip inside for the W1 that facilitates pairing to your device so if you’re running iOS 10 on your iPhone all you do is flip open the case that stores the air pods and it will automatically pairs and that’s so much better than poking through settings finding the Bluetooth option and selecting the pair of earphones that you want a pair.

Apple’s Wireless AirPods Sound Quality

As for sound quality they sound fine they’re just about the same sound quality as the wired earbuds that already come with the iPhone, so if you like that sound quality and you’ve been using them for a while you’re not going to notice much of a difference at the same time you’re spending a $159 on a pair of Headphones you expect them to sound a little bit better.

Apple’s Wireless AirPods Design & Comfort

As for design and comfort they feel just like the normal ear buds that come with the iPhone except just without the wires they fit nicely your head you can jostle them around you can run with them and they’re not going to fall out there pretty snug in your ears.
I’m not crazy about the design it looks like they just snipped off the wire from the wire to your buds and it looks like you’re wearing some goofy white plastic earrings.

Why Dangle Part Design ?

The reason why it has that dangle part of the bottom is each Airpod has a microphone on the bottom which use for taking phone calls or talking to Siri.

Apple’s Wireless AirPod’s Controls

Another thing I like about Airpods is that Siri is built right in, so with a quick double tap on the side of AirPod will activate Siri and you can do all the normal things you’re used to doing with Siri. Now this also leads me to my biggest problem with their pods and that’s control so if you’ve been using the wired earbuds with the iPhone for the last few years you’re used to using  that little dongle on the side to switch tracks or raise the volume with the air pods you have to rely on Siri for everything, Really ? Yes, you can’t anything else oh wait one more thing 🙂 get phone out of your pocket and using volume button or with touch screen you can increase or decrease volume.
If you’re listening to music and you want to raise or lower the volume you have to double tap to activate Siri which pauses your music and then you tell her to raise or lower the volume. So that’s a really big problem Siri is great for a lot of things like reading your text messages and checking the news and weather but when it comes to controlling your music through the Airpods it’s not that great you can’t switch tracks change the volume without interrupting your music instead it forces you to take out your iPhone and do everything manually on the screen.
So for $159 I was expecting a lot more out of the Airpods. Usually in this price point you get headphones that sounds a lot better and can do a lot more and their control is a really big issue it’s very annoying to use Siri to control everything while pausing music in the process.


Right now there are a lot of better wireless headphone options. In fact Apple own Beats are coming out with some new headphones that look very enticing that also use the same new wireless standard and Bluetooth pairing and those might be worth taking a better look at then the air pods. As per my own opinion don’t buy it for $159