Amazon Alexa arrives on Windows 10 PCs via an application.

The CES in Las Vegas will be visibly a battleground between Google and Amazon. These two GAFA are indeed both thoroughly in the artificial intelligence. And if the speakers powered by Amazon Alexa are very popular in the United States, Google enjoys the first place of Android in the smartphone market to deploy Google Assistant.

amazon cortana

But Alexa should also arrive little by little on other types of devices. As I mentioned in a previous article, Amazon recently unveiled a kit that will allow manufacturers to integrate Alexa on connected accessories . Targeted products? Watches, helmets or even fitness wristbands.

And in addition to connected accessories, Amazon also wants us to use Alexa on our computers. Indeed, we learn that the giant e-commerce will launch an Alexa application for Windows 10.

And according to our colleague The Verge, many manufacturers, to name only HP and Lenovo, plan to integrate this Alexa application on the computers they will release this year.

A Windows 10 application and integration with Cortana

alexa and cortana

In 2017, Amazon announced a partnership with Microsoft that invokes Cortana on Alexa and Alexa on Cortana. A win-win deal that allows both artificial intelligences to benefit from more features. This integration was expected before the end of the year, but finally delayed.

It should be noted that the advertised Amazon Alexa application on Windows 10 is a different project from this integration between Alexa and Cortana.

With an application dedicated to its artificial intelligence for Windows 10, that manufacturers will preinstall on their PCs, Amazon shows once again its desire to make Alexa available on all types of devices.