The city of Atlanta, USA, was hit last week by a ransomware. He paralyzed many of his municipal services, pushing the administration to spend several million dollars to rebound.

The city of Atlanta in the United States was the victim of a ransomware attack last month that rendered many of its services inaccessible. Rarely, the official documents of the city revealed the cost of this attack: $ 2.7 million, not counting lost working hours and court costs.

The sum breaks down in this way: $ 650,000 was paid to SecureWorks for incident response services, $ 600,000 went to Ernst & Young for incident response, $ 60,000 to Cisco for security incident response services, $ 60,000 was allocated to Mosaic451 to augment emergency city staff to deal with the event, and $ 50,000 was paid to Edelman agency for a crisis communication service.


In addition, $ 730,000 was paid to Fyrsoft, $ 393,328 to Airnet Group and $ 124,000 to Pioneer Technology Group for an intervention on the city’s information system. It should be noted, however, that the services of the city have not yet fully recovered, and that the amounts committed could therefore continue to increase.

The criminals originally claimed a ransom of $ 51,000 that the city apparently did not pay. Paying a ransom is usually a bad idea, but we can especially regret that the city has not undertaken to secure its network upstream of this attack, which would have cost much less … Education to remember to avoid to be the next?