Whether you use your computer for work and business or fun and games (or a combination of both), you need it to operate well every time you use it. A sluggish machine that stalls programs, overheats or drains the battery quickly is annoying and a real productivity killer. But you can prevent many issues before they start with a little regular maintenance.

We’ve rounded up five simple actions to care for your computer and ensure it always runs at its best.laptop performance

Back up your computer. You may have seen us mention this before in Lenovo Companion, but it bears repeating: you can never have too many backups of your computer’s data. For safe keeping, backup your files to an external hard drive. The Windows 10 file history feature makes it easy to backup all of your files and folders to a second hard drive and store a backlog of previous versions, too. For an extra layer of protection, create a Windows 10 USB recovery drive and disk image backup. If your Lenovo computer has OneKey Recovery, you can also use this tool to back up your files at regular intervals.

Maximize your battery’s efficiency. A battery that doesn’t hold a charge well is a drain on both the laptop and your productivity. You can extend the life of your laptop’s battery by unplugging the adapter at 100% charge and turning on the battery saver in Settings.

Keep your computer cool. Heat is a computer’s enemy. Excessive heat can overpower the ventilation system and reduce your computer’s performance or damage its components. But you can take several protective measures to control heat dispersion such as using the computer on a hard surface or a cooling pad, cleaning the air vents regularly, and these other helpful cooling tips.

Free up disk space. Your computer can fill up with data fast. A download here, a saved file there, and before you know it, you’re running low on space. Free precious space by organizing all of your files and folders, and purging files regularly with Disk Cleanup. Another good idea is to use cloud storage to store some files online in the cloud and off your computer’s hard drive. With Lenovo REACHit, you can organize files across multiple cloud storage accounts, and you’ll see them neatly in one dashboard.

Have the right amount of memory. Does your computer seem sluggish? If you’re waiting what seems like forever for programs to load, it could be time to increase the memory in your PC. Memory (random access memory or RAM) is the place in your PC where the operating system, apps and files in current use are kept so that they can be quickly reached. Having the right amount of memory can keep multiple programs open on the computer without it slowing down. Check your system’s RAM capacity in Lenovo Companion under System Health > Memory.
These are just several tasks you can do to help your laptop run smoothly. Keep coming back to Lenovo Companion for more hints, tips and tricks on getting the most from your Lenovo laptop or desktop computer.