The last year 2017 was a blast in the blockchain space, there were Ups and downs. Almost Two billion dollars raised in ICL money we had obviously a bunch of hacks as well from different websites and different wallets and for the first time ever I think cryptocurrency is seeing mainstream adoption.

What mean by more adoption is mainstream awareness so Forbes Business Insider Huffington Post pretty much everyone’s talking about it.

Now that obviously doesn’t mean people are adopting and using it just people more aware of it,  Which is great news but with that all obviously becomes obviously you get pros and cons with that with that being said I think 2018 is gonna be a very interesting year in the blockchain space and here are my thoughts of what I think could potentially happen number One Bitcoin.

So we saw a huge bull run in Bitcoin and I think we’ll see that continue we may not see the crazy run that we saw in 2017 even though we have a lot of institutional investors and retail investors that want to come into space and Bitcoin, for the most part, is their safest hedge they’re not gonna really get into the ultra se and so a couple of things are gonna happen.

More and more institutions will use cryptocurrencies.

The number of institutional investment products related to bitcoin is increasing.
In addition to CME and Cboe bitcoin futures launched in December, Cantor Fitzgerald and Nasdaq are planning their own derivatives. Analysts also expect regulators to approve a bitcoin exchange-traded fund in the second half of this year, or early in 2019.

There will be more and more regulation and the price of bitcoin will go down.

However, in the meantime, market regulators will probably try to limit speculation in cryptocurrencies.
In recent months, the SEC has been increasingly vocal in warning investors about the risks of cryptocurrencies. The commission has also suspended trading in some companies because of concerns about their claims regarding their token ads. 

It will be a wild and volatile market.

Divergent views on the future of crypto-currencies but some analysts expect bitcoin to ride an even wilder wave this year.
Ari Paul, investment manager at BlockTower Capital, a cryptocurrency investment company, predicts that bitcoin will trade at $ 4,000 and $ 30,000 sometime in 2018. 

Bitcoin will prevail, but other cryptocurrencies will develop

Erik Voorhees, managing director of the ShapeShift digital asset exchange, said that unlike Bitcoin’s position on the platform a year ago, about half of the transactions on the platform only concern the most popular digital currency. 
However, bitcoin should still benefit from the increased interest in digital currencies. Analysts also point out that since Bitcoin is the most established digital currency, it is often the way new investors access the cryptocurrency space.

Investors will have the opportunity to invest in an IPO related to cryptocurrencies

“IPOs will first be outside the United States,” said Ryan Gilbert, partner of Propel VC, which focuses on financial technology and has a $ 250 million fund. Propel is indirectly a minority investor in Coinbase, said Gilbert.
Be that as it may, investors will have to be extremely cautious about companies making cryptocurrencies announcements and adding blockchain to their names. Some tiny stocks have skyrocketed on such changes, prompting regulators to issue warnings about potential scams.