4G LTE Speed Test in New York is conducted from different locations, The purpose of this test was to check how fast the 4G LTE is on all AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint and Verizon.

Please Note: We conducted these test at same locations and by changing different phones, but it will not be same for you, as speed may reduce or increase with increment/decrement of 4G users of any Service Provider in certian area.

We conducted this test on top of a building where we should get very good signals. Near and far away from Empire State Building

We conducted these test at the same time and one by one so there’s no interference and you will get accurate results as much as possible, following were results of different services providers;

Verizon 4G LTE Speed Test 

In all of my  4G LTE Speed Test, Verizon does really well.

Everywhere I go very consistent speeds, very fast download, and upload was also amazing. It was a lovely experience of using Verizon services.

My all test remains between 17Mbps to 50Mbps for download and almost same of upload speed. Very very fast download speed it was and amazingly consistent just like I am downloading the file from the local server using LAN Connection.

T-Mobile 4G LTE Speed Test 

If I need to choose two service providers, second will be T-Mobile.

T-Mobile service was checked with 4G Plus, which is 4G Advance. During our test download speed getting about 10 Mbps to 18 Mbps. download not too fast but upload speeds are really fast on t-mobile I was getting almost 30 megabits per second upload now

On T-Mobile, download speed is not too fast but upload speeds are really fast. I was getting almost 30Mbps upload.

The thing with 4G LTE advanced is more bandwidth available in this protocol. So even if you don’t get the highest speeds if you get 4g advanced everywhere that means you’ll have more consistent bandwidth

AT&T 4G LTE Speed Test 

Very close competition with T-Mobile.

AT&T test was performed few times it looks here in New York AT&T is having many users, my speed test results were very different. Average speed result for download is 10Mbps and 15Mbps for upload.

Sprint 4G LTE Speed Test 

I am sorry to say Sprint speed was not good.

Sprint seems to be like the worst of them all and download speeds I haven’t got above like 2Mbps download speed and upload is more worst.

I think sprint service seems to be very spotty and really picked up for to advance or their spark network I would avoid sprint I’ve had bad experiences. sometimes it does get fast but a lot of times is really really slow.


4G LTE Speed Test


Not Sprint at all. T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon they all do pretty well so it really sounds to pricing.


If you are in New York, what is your experience? please share in comments to help others.