I still remember how in 2013 I started learning my first programming language, and in C ++ I wrote my first “Hello World”. I was excited like a little kid. Now that I am professionally programming and I am fortunate enough to work with many different technologies, I have gathered some thoughts about my personal top 3 languages ​​that people should learn in 2019. So, if you are new to the programming world, I recommend these languages ​​to you.

P.S : This article is based on information gathered from the market trends and it may be different for some people and i completely understand.


Many developers love Python , and I am sure that most professional programmers have worked with this language at least once in their careers. According to statistics provided by the Tiobe index, it is shown that Python is really still gaining popularity.

Fun Facts about python.

The language developers themselves have a certain sense of humor. They developed the concept of philosophy of programming in the Python language, which was called “The Zen of Python” (Zen Python). In essence, this is a set of basic principles that language developers consider very important. You can study them on the site, or receive one at a time, randomly once a day using the import this request .

A programming language borrowed its name from Monty Python’s Flying Circus, a popular 70s show. But the majority of users do not know about this and associate the name with the reptile. One of the goals of the creators of Python is to make programming easy and fun.

Why python?

  1. It can be used in various types of application software, including web applications, network servers, desktop utilities, data processing, machine learning, and more.
  2. One of the largest active communities. Finding support from Python developers will not be difficult, regardless of whether you are an expert or a beginner.
  3. Amazing libraries (Django, Numpy, etc.).
  4. Very accessible for beginners.
  5. By far the most popular language used in data science for machine learning.

For me, Python is a must-have language for developers.


How can we not talk about javascript in the modern world? JavaScript is literally everywhere. According to a Stack Overflow developer survey in 2018, JavaScript is the most popular language on its platform

Fun Facts about JavaSript.

  • At the beginning JavaScript was developed under the name on MOCHA.
  • JavaScript was developed within the short time of 10 days and it contained very small portion of the language that we know today.
  • JavaScript cannot read files from or write them to the file system on the computer.
  • In JavaScript you cannot set the value of a file upload field
  <input type="file"> ).
document.forms[0].upload_field.value = '/my/password/file';

Why javascript?

  1. Very accessible for beginners.
  2. It is widely used in various programs (browsers, mobile applications, web applications, the Internet of things and much more).
  3. One of the fastest growing communities.
  4. There is high demand for JavaScript developers.
  5. Popular websites / apps that run on Node.js use JavaScript (Netflix, PayPal, LinkedIn, Uber, and many others).

If you like a fast-paced language, JavaScript may be the right choice for you.


For many of you, this may be a little surprise. Go 一 is not the first language that comes to mind. But Go is actually a very cool programming language. With its scalebility and Modern featured it should be in your bucket list

Fun Fact About GoLang

  • GoLang is statically typed, fast compiled language designed for modern development .
  • GoLang produces binary executable just like we have in C++
  • Automatic type inference (similiar to dynamic languages, var x int =3 or x := 3 or y := “James” are all valid)
  • Strict compilation checking, unused packages and variables will prevent compilation.
  • Strong standard library

Why go?

  1. Performance. Go uses goroutines (Go’s strongest side) to execute instructions simultaneously using fewer resources.
  2. Strong typing allows easy debugging compared to Python.
  3. Lack of inheritance simplifies support for Go applications.
  4. Go is developed and maintained by Google. This means that this language was designed for high scalability.
  5. Like C / C ++, Go compiles and does not use a virtual machine. It works very closely to lower level languages. Unlike C / C ++, Go has built-in garbage collection.

If your application has difficulty with performance and readability, Go will help you fix problems. For beginners, this language can be a bit difficult to learn, since Go relies more on pointers that will be difficult for newcomers to understand.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion. However, I believe that these 3 languages ​​have something in common. Coding should be fun. I can assure you that Python, JavaScript and Go will bring you pleasure. Besides the fun, these 3 languages ​​will be ready for scalability. And this, at present, is a big problem for many developers.