Despite the active use of artificial intelligence technology, at the moment it is still in its infancy. Many companies claim that they use AI technology, while in reality they have nothing to do with it, basing their statements only on the use of improved analysis of user behavior.

If the system actually uses AI technology, then it is able to learn something itself. An excellent example of such a system is Google’s DeepMind. This neural network can itself form logical connections and understand the meaning of words and statements, not relying only on predetermined behavior algorithms. But at the same time, such a network conducts a continuous analysis of previous experience, becoming more and more developed and increasing the level of its abilities.

Below is a list of the most popular examples of such systems that we widely use in everyday life.


Almost everyone has heard of Apple’s personal assistant, namely, Siri. Siri is a voice activated and voice controlled program that is always ready to help its users. It helps us find information, sends it in unfamiliar areas, sends messages to our request and adds events to the calendar, and also does much more.


Alexa has become a phenomenon that in a blink of an eye captured the whole world. After Amazon first introduced this project, Alexa gained unimaginable popularity as soon as possible. Alexa, being a revolutionary product, was able to surprise the whole world with her ability to recognize and decipher human speech from anywhere in the room.

And this is not to mention its broad functionality, because with its help, people search the Internet for information, order products and shop online, arrange a meeting with their friends, monitor the security of their homes, and also do much more. It is also worth considering that Alexa is actively used by people with disabilities, thereby providing them with invaluable assistance in organizing their lives.


If you still think that Tesla’s smart machine is not worth your attention, then you cannot even imagine how much you are mistaken. It is possible that this self-driving car can be called one of the best cars ever created.

And it’s not at all in the huge number of awards and enthusiastic reviews – it’s just her forecasting ability, the technology of unmanned control and general technical “coolness” can not help but admire. At the same time, these machines continue to improve and acquire new interesting functions. Therefore, anyone who is interested in technology and machines should think about purchasing a car from Tesla.


Being founded by Joshua Fist and Dr. Sandy Pentland, Cogito is an impressive example of how technology can protect our health.

In fact, this program, with the help of behavioral science and machine learning technologies, analyzes telephone call records, seeking to identify people who suffer from depression and other psychological and emotional disorders. In addition, the program learns by voice to determine the mood and emotional state of the speaker. In the future, it is intended to use this technology in call centers, which should bring customer service to a new level.


Boxever’s specialized platform, developed and supported by the eponymous company founded by Dave O’Flanagan, uses a mix of machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence to offer its customers the most comfortable and enjoyable journey based on their capabilities and perceived desires.

This platform is already used by many foreign travel companies, and as the number of customers grows, the platform’s capabilities and assumptions are increasing.

John paul

ohn Paul is a company founded by David Amsellem that specializes in providing various kinds of travel and other services for the most affluent people. The company uses an innovative technology based on AI, which, based on customer preferences, is able to provide them with the most satisfying range of services.

Not so long ago, the company was acquired by the Accor Hotels group of hotels. Even before the acquisition, John Paul could boast of such large customers as VISA, Orange and Air France, after acquiring the same number of its customers around the world number in the millions.


The AI-based technology that Amazon uses to conduct transactions on its platform has been around for quite some time – and the amount of money that has passed through it cannot but impress. The algorithms of this system are improved every year, while the company hones its ability to clearly predict what products you might like or use, based on your online requests, and offers them to you, thereby increasing the volume of purchases.


Netflix uses technology that, based on consumer behavioral experience, can offer an interesting film. This technology analyzes the user’s previous requests, ratings, which he put a particular film, and then compares them with the reaction of other users.

Based on the output, you are offered movies that, according to the assumptions of the system, you might like. With the growth and expansion of the film base, this technology only develops its abilities. However, she also has one rather significant drawback: small films, deprived of attention, remain unnoticed, while large projects with a huge amount of views only increase their audience.


The artificial intelligence on which the Pandora music service is based is one of the most impressive technologies of our time. Representatives of the company call it “musical DNA”. To launch this technology, the company developed and singled out 400 musical characteristics.

A team of professional musicians manually analyzes each song in the base of this music service in accordance with the derived criteria. In the future, the system uses this data to offer its listeners those pieces of music that they might like – and the level of recommendations is assessed as extremely high.


Many have heard of the Nest home thermostat – this project was acquired by Google in January 2014 for a record 3.2 billion dollars. This smart thermostat can be controlled by voice using another project from Google, namely Alexa.

In his work, Nest uses analysis of behavioral algorithms: a smart thermostat examines your habits and preferences regarding the temperature in the house and, on the basis of this data, begins to adjust the temperature directly to your needs. In addition, at the moment the project Nest also produces smart cameras and a number of other products that can significantly facilitate the life of modern man.